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In March 2020, one night, a dream, something obvious in the early morning... shape my blog MM CONCEPT DESIGN!

A premonitory dream full of ideas, creativity, pleasure and personal conviction has become a reality.

In 2021, a joy of every moment to take you on my travels, my discoveries, my creative universe that I continue to evolve... my dedicated Facebook page, my Instagram account, my new logo signed Deepmoon Pro, my membership card visit to make contact, my monthly magazine

“The Chronicle of MM CONCEPT DESIGN”,

and also national and international partnerships and recommendations.

In 2022, MM CONCEPT DESIGN takes on a new dimension with my breath of inspiration, my monthly magazine arrives

                 "The Chronicle of MM CONCEPT DESIGN"


In 2023, Designer-Editor, Itsavailable to the public my passions for architecture, design, interior decoration, tourism and de facto prestigious real estate.


MM CONCEPT DESIGNis a communication medium that goes around the world to help you discover my favorites, the talent of my partners and bring you my breath of inspiration, my journalistic writing.



Thank you to my partners for their trust,

to all of you here and to all my followers - Friends.

Thank you for your presence, your shares, your opinions, your comments and your loyalty. 


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